Streaming everywhere


Flowers picked on camping trips and walks along the sand
Knowing wherever I go, I’ll always have a hand
Talking ‘bout our wildest dreams and making daydream plans
I’m gonna hold onto them as tightly as I can

Getting more at grocery stores to feed two sets of eyes
Singing on the car ride home and running yellow lights
Dancing in the kitchen through the neon navy nights
I wanna grow old with them, there’s no doubt in my mind

Everything about them is familiar
They’re everything I wanted in a friend
I’ve never known a softer touch, I’ve never loved someone as much
as I love them

They like all my stories even when I talk too long
They laugh at my jokes even when I tell punchlines wrong
Get me through the tough times better than my favorite song
When I’m with them, I feel like I finally belong





Published to streaming services May 14, 2022. Happy birthday, Robin!