Summer Lover

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This is a bad time for you to be on my mind
To be fair, it was never really alright
I’m up at 3 am thinkin bout how you’ve been, I can’t do this again
Need to distract myself, it’s for my own health, I’m gonna need some help…


I’m looking for a summer lover to recover from you, you
I will never forgive or forget unless I’ve met somebody new, new
Don’t you go looking so innocent, all I need is a replacement
The question left is: who?

I need somebody who isn’t tangled up
with my friends, acquaintances, anyone
I wanna start again without worrying how it’s gonna end, oh no
Just wanna have some fun out in the summer sun, until the leaves turn red


I know it’s obvious, I’m a bit of a mess
I am just tryna get better
I don’t care in the least, I just want memories
I can regret in September

[Chorus x2]

Published to streaming services May 31, 2019