Love Song to My Friends

Streaming everywhere

Sidewalk chalk and a driveway stage
My mom said to be home by eight
Maybe next week we’ll stay up late
enough to watch George Lopez

Solo cups on your basement floor
Hid some vodka for when we’re bored
Boys get drunk and the girls want more
By Monday, we’ll all forget

Let’s watch One Tree Hill and talk until it’s like no time has passed
Who’d have thought those stupid parties might have been our last?
It’s so sad, but at least we’re here now
Pour one out for the ones who stuck around

This is a love song to all of my friends
for sticking with me when it seemed like the end
Although we don’t talk half as much as we should
I’m so grateful for you and the way you made my childhood

One small dorm room and five new friends
Football games that we won’t attend
Ordered food then we went to bed
We’ll reconvene tomorrow

Let’s go drive around the park downtown with Kendrick on the aux
Talk about how life has changed and how we all got lost
What’s the cost of starting grown-up lives?
Maybe we can make it this time


(La-la la-la, la-la la-la la-la la la la x3)

I’m scared of growing up in this mess
and not knowing when I’ll see you next
Kinda feels like all this time, climbing up the playground slide
Gravity will take us but at least we’ll say we tried


(La-la la-la, la-la la-la la-la la la la x3)
The way you made my childhood good

Published to streaming services March 24, 2023.