Streaming everywhere

I’m on my own another time
but this time I’m waiting on somebody
I know you’re there, I really do
but I’m blue and you’re across the country

Can we just reach through the phone
and touch so I stop feeling hallow?
Ever since I caught my flight
I’ve wished I hadn’t

I just got you back, I don’t want to let go
My heart redacts what my mind knows
I know you’re waiting in HOU
but I’m in DTW

Been here before when I was young
It wasn’t love and I thought it was unfair
but somehow this is even worse
because it hurts knowing we would be together if only I was there

It’s like you’re a piece of me
I’m sure I’ll always need
We’re taking turns, one stays, one leaves
but never together


What do I do now with numbers of the days
and miles you’re away and flights that I could take?
What do I do now? I need to see your face
and know that you’re ok, but all I get is space

[Chorus x2]

Published to streaming services August 2, 2019