The Middle

I don’t believe in much, but it must mean something that we keep running
into each other’s clutch. Someone must be rooting for us,
but it’s not time
the clock has never been so kind.

I’m stuck in the middle right between the one and two,
the password is a riddle so the answer must be you
I never would’ve thought that I would live my life this way
but I can never leave and you can never stay

The things that stick with me do not usually matter
like how you’d hum quietly and I was the only one that heard
Sometimes I catch myself thinking about you and hoping that you’re doing well
and wondering if why we met was really a coincidence
cus all my life,
the clock has never been so kind.


You make it so easy to care
but you are closer than I’d ever dare to be
I’ve got some things I need to do but darlin you just wait if fate works out the way is has been lately, I can safely say that we’ll be
crossing paths again. A road without an end

[Chorus x2]

Published to SoundCloud September 4, 2017