Small Talk

We’re in a world of touch and go
the more we speak the less we know
We ask how you are then say “just fine,” but never a word about what’s behind
and I am tired of having no time

I want to talk to someone who will talk back
have a conversation, lost in syntax
I wanna go deeper than polite pleasantries, won’t get upset easily
Show me somebody who wants bigger than small talk

Everyday we run the line
the stories told a hundred times
It’s like all we do is sit and complain, but if it’s so bad, then why don’t we change it?
Don’t you have something you want to say?


We’re all in here together
let’s volunteer to get better
I bet there are stories to tell but we’re all too polite, we don’t have the time
It’s so quiet and I can’t make a noise and it’s eating me alive. I-I-I-I-I


Published to SoundCloud September 4, 2017