When we met the first time you looked in my eyes and told me that meeting me was a surprise
and I didn’t know then, but now I realize that I should’ve held onto you with my life
I didn’t see through the way that you moved, but now it’s much too late
as soon as you got your chance to move on, you were on your way

One day you’re here, and the next day you’re not. You didn’t leave, you were just gone
You didn’t say anything about where you were going
There were no good goodbyes, and I never told you why
I talked to you while my wounds were still showing, and now you’re roaming

I thought of some ways to make you amazed, I got out the pen and I crossed off the days
then all of a sudden there was no time and there was no button that I could rewind
If I could get you back, I would tell you that I wasn’t tryna act like I was too cool
With you I felt different but soon it’d be long-distance and that kind of commitment had me spooked


You had your heart dangling just in front of me
then you pulled it back too fast for me to see
You talked about her while I was in the next seat
but you kept on haunting my dreams, maybe this is how it should be

One day you’re here, and the next day you’re not, you will not leave you’ll just be gone
you will not say anything about where you’re going
There will be no goodbyes, and I’ll never tell you why
I looked to you while my wounds were still showing


Published to SoundCloud September 4, 2017