Open Up Your Mind

It’s a cutout world, and we’re paper dolls
and we all want the same thing
but I’m getting tired of all the guys
getting credit for quote-unquote “saving us”

But what if I didn’t need to be saved?
It’s time we started writing our own page

Don’t get stuck in the castle, you’re not a damsel in distress
Put on your best dress and show them what has changed since once upon a time
I’m so sick of waiting; I’ve been training all my life
Think of all the stories you’re missing when you don’t open up your mind

In a land not far away from where we are
things could be much better
If a girl were to say she wants to save the day
it would be okay if we let her

Would it really be so bad if we had change?
The same old story’s getting old anyway


Let your imagination fly
over the faded outdated pages from ages ago
don’t forget but run with it behind
and try not to travel the same road


Published to YouTube February 22, 2016 and to SoundCloud September 4, 2017