How to Make a Good Impression Before Lunch

He sat down next to me
so I couldn’t see what would lay ahead
then he asked me what my name was
but I couldn’t think of what he had just said

I only thought about how everyday would never be the same
now that he was here

I thought, “Is this real? Is this a dream? Things like this don’t happen to me
I wanna get this right just this once.
Don’t mess up don’t be afraid. Tell him what you wanted to say
I need directions how to make a good impression before lunch”

The next day we both had so much to say
I felt the fear wash away as he talked to me
I watched his eyes light up as he talked, I couldn’t help myself
from falling in too deep

I just want every day to make me feel that way,
I just want for him to stay


The way he talks to me, I just can’t believe
this is happening, oh oh oh whoa
I need to make a move, need to do it soon
go, go


Published to SoundCloud September 4, 2017