History would be made that night on TV it was almost like a
nightmare American Dream
Hands of time were sweaty because on the line was everything
and everyone was scared, what if nobody cared? What would become of me?

I see the people in the back with signs painted in black and blue, their hearts are bruised
but spreading hope is what they choose

Love is greater than fear, and we are all here and we are gonna make it through
Wave your flag to endear, we’ll riot and cheer, we’re going to be listened to
We are not a lost cause, we will not be stopped, there’s a lot that we can do
Take our broken masterpiece and be the glue

Morning drive, on the radio we hear both sides, but they don’t
listen while they shout, the words are coming out, but nothing’s being said
What if we took a step back, just to see what we have?
It is not enough to say you’re speaking up if you’re only being led

We all have burdens on our back we think are worse than that
of others, so we dismiss each other
but what are we helping by doing that?


Don’t close your eyes, never stop trying,
don’t let them hide your fire
Cus when you burn, who will it hurt?
Then will we learn that

[Chorus x2]

We are different, don’t pretend it’s equal
It’s your choice to use your voice as people

Published to YouTube January 6, 2017 and to SoundCloud September 4, 2017