Falling Softly

What a shade of blue the sky painted today
I can’t look away
There’s a lightness in what was tightness yesterday
and I watched it fade

Oh, I am so content, I could forget,
soaked in sunlit skies

I wanna jump around you, I wanna run wherever you are
I wanna roll the windows down in the front seat of the car
I want the radio on, I wanna sing it loudly
awfully off-key, falling softly

I’m not one to get close enough with
but you make it easy
There’s a golden light for the first time
and I have the front row seat

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to stay like this
in the brightness


Please don’t leave, slow down, I need
to breathe this moment in
Part of me says it’s just a dream
but so what if it is?

[Chorus x2]

Published to YouTube July 24, 2016 and to SoundCloud September 4, 2017