I thought this was over, I thought you were gone
I stood like a soldier, I moved like a pawn
You played me, you made me weak, I felt so small
I should be running away, but I crawl

Maybe it’s how the leaves all look when they’re red
but each October breeze puts you in my head
Just tell me I’m crazy, that you don’t feel the same
I need certainty to keep me sane

Oh, tell me that these are not signs
for me to go back to you
Hey, we don’t have much time to find answers
maybe I’m meant to go back to you

I was doing so well, I was feeling free
but now you’re always around, it’s as if you found me
Where you go, I follow, we’re both surprised
I hope you don’t think I am trying


Cut to the chase, my heart won’t wait

maybe it’s best we see this through
maybe I’m meant to be with you

Published to SoundCloud September 4, 2017