Quarter Life Crisis

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Standing in my childhood mirror, I seem taller
but I know I’m still the same height
as when I got my ears pierced,
gritting my teeth through the sharp pain

And why is my room so much colder now that I’m older?
I remember every sweater
in the closet like it’s a locket
I cut the picture in a heart shape

Now I’m sitting in this bed that’s not the one I
grew up in
Feels something like a quarter life crisis
Now my life is gone

Wanna tiptoe down the hall through the dark
so my mom can fight all of the monsters
right off, but they don’t want protection,
they want self-reflection and I’m lost

between the linen closet and the bathroom
The sad gloom
will catch up to us pretty damn soon
I have to move on

[Chorus] All these pictures on the wall of someone happy,
a past me
Now everything’s like something from a bad dream
This can’t be all

My varsity letter and dreams I’d be better
wasted on whatever this became
I wanted to make it, I can’t even fake it
Oh, what a shame it went this way


Standing in my childhood mirror, I seem taller

Published to streaming services May 28, 2021