This Is My Home

There’s a little town, northern U.S.A.
in the mitten state, where my heart will always stay
Wake up break of dawn to my favorite song
Throw a t-shirt on and watch the sunrise by the lake

It’s like another world from what I’ve seen,
and I believe that it’s the best one out there

Don’t take me away, this is my favorite place
I wish I could stay forever
I am all around people I care most about,
yeah I’ve always known:
this is my home

There’s a winding trail lined with hiding spots
sand and trees and not a care
Wherever you go you will always know
how to get back home from there

It’s like another world from city lights
and I feel like there’s nowhere else that’s like it


We’re sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows
the crickets form a choir, the fireflies glow
The brightest stars I’ve ever seen are burning right in front of me
the soundtrack of this memory starts off slow

[Chorus x2]

This is my home

Published to YouTube September 1, 2014