Peace of Mind

You lost your keys, now you’re locked outside
You’re begging please, but everyone else seems to run and hide
It’s cold out there, it’s starting to get dark
the rain wets your hair… What else could go wrong?

You lost your mind looking for something
you’ll never find, even though it’s worth nothing
Even your friend tells you to give up,
but they don’t understand… What else could go wrong?

When nothing ever goes right, when no one’s on your side
when you’re too weakened to fight, just push it all aside

and find your peace of mind

Foot in your mouth, wish you could take it back
It’s all going south cus you need the courage that you lack
Now you’re ashamed, your misery is strong
and there’s no one to blame… What else could go wrong?

When your world turns against you, when you feel like you’re blind
When from your lies yells the truth, remember not to hide
You’ll find your peace of mind

Once your worst nightmare’s done with, once you can sleep at night
once you know fear’s just a myth, you know you’ll be alright
cus you’ve found your peace of mind

Published to YouTube December 31, 2014