My Last First Day

It’s weird to be behind a screen for my last first day back
The smell of trees and summer leaves are a thing of the past
I never thought we’d be so far, but I wanna say:
because of you, I’m who I am today.

I first arrived with bright, wide eyes when I was seventeen
It took some time to realize who I was gonna be
I worked and fought, and learned a lot, and all throughout the way,
because of you, I’m who I am today

I’ve traveled ‘cross the continent and learned to grieve a loss
I’ve gained a lot of confidence, but I still fight my flaws
If I could see the younger me, I wonder what she’d say?
I guess we did our best with her anyway

I wish that I could walk inside the building where I lived
to see the friends I made back then, and how everyone is
and I know there’s miles to go, but I hope someday
I can see you face to face
to tell you, because of you, I’m who I am today

Published to YouTube October 1, 2020