Maybe It’s the Rain

I brought you up the other day
but I promise it was an accident
I didn’t think there was much to say
then I sat there for hours talking about what you meant

to me you were the one I never thought would come
to you I was the girl who sat behind you for six months

Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s the thunder
but baby you made me wonder if I’ll see you again
If fate brought us together before, then it could happen
I’m looking at this rain on the floor and we could have been more

I started trying to remember
what happened to make us grow apart
I was with him, you were with her
The timing was off, you would end when I’d start

to fall for little things like “how are you today?”
We haven’t talked in some time, you live so close away


The lilac sky is glowing up, you and I were growing up
and all of my friends told me you wanted to hold me
so I kept on saving up until I was brave enough
but now I feel so cold. I wish you would hold me

[Chorus x2]

We could have been more

Published to YouTube March 28, 2016