Social Distancing

Hey guys.

The world is pretty scary right now. I really hope you’ve been able to stay safe and find solace in something. Personally, I’ve been back at my parents’ house since early March, and leaving the life I’d built at school behind was really tough. It’s so hard not to be able to see so many of the people I love right now, but I know it’s for the good of humanity as a whole. I feel very lucky to live in a state that has been taking such serious safety precautions, and it really is each of our responsibilities to each other to stay home and prevent any further spread of this thing.

My heart aches for everyone taken by the virus. This isn’t fair or easy.

I’ve heard people say that right now, we’re not working from home; we’re at home fighting a pandemic while also trying to get work done. Productivity is secondary if anything. Survival comes first. Don’t feel guilty that everything is inherently 20 times more exhausting right now, just do what you can and please be forgiving with yourself and those around you.

I went through a lot of mourning before I could write this. Having my life ripped out from under me knocked me down, and I still find it hard to stand back up most days. But amidst it all, I was able to write one song. It’s a song that came out of mourning, but it made me smile a bit. It’s a song that helped me process some of what I was feeling, and bringing it to life gave me a nice little temporary distraction. Maybe listening to it will give you these things as well.

From someone who was never the hugging type anyway, I give you my social distancing anti-anthem. “Princess of Social Distance” will be out everywhere May 8th at midnight EDT.

Wishing you physical and emotional strength,

X Sophia

Posted April 10th, 2020