Sophia Dove: Behind the Name

Yes, the rumors are true: I am living a lie. My legal name is not, in fact, Sophia Dove. While I do love my family so very much, they gave me the long and easily mispronounced surname of Jozwiak, prompting numerous requests from those around me to consider a stage name. So here we are.

Like most things in life, I thought about this a lot. I wanted the name to be catchy without making me unrecognizable. I wanted it to be simple but significant. I think it was my mom who first suggested that I use my grandma’s maiden name, and the idea stuck. My dad’s mom taught me so much about the world. Some of my earliest memories are of us messing around on the electric keyboard in her back room; she always made me feel like I had a dream worth chasing. She did so much for me, it only felt right to honor her name as I continue on this journey. It also works out pretty well that doves are birds and birds sing. ✨Symbolism✨.

It’s possible you know me as Sophia Jozwiak. Most people do. I spent the first 19 years of my life exclusively being called as such. But I’m making the executive decision that as of now, all music related stuff that I do will be under the name of Sophia Dove. The songs I’m releasing this summer and beyond will be Sophia Dove originals. Every show I do from here on out, I’ll be introduced as Sophia Dove. With respect to my Brand™, I am Sophia Dove. But at the end of the day, it’s really just me: Sophia.

Posted June 9th, 2019